Friday Night Cipher

Hip Hop is dead, but it’s still alive, it lives in the hearts of our street youth. The youth tired of the garbage they feed us on TV and the radio. Friday Night Cipher on Fridays in Friday Night CipherUnion Square in Manhattan, NY. A place that is known for artsy types to showcase themselves. I happen to catch the last Friday on video and this is what I saw.



Hip Hop Artists For Michael Brown

chucktalibjcoleActions speak louder than words I always say.  I know a lot of you remember back in the hey day of Hip Hop, rappers were the voice of the people,  especially black and Hispanic people!   Since Michael Brown was assassinated by police on August 9th, 2014 I’ve seen the biggest showing of black solidarity since the million man march (though marred by looting the first couple of days) in Ferguson, Missouri.  Through social media I’ve seen artists with lots of money posting twitter and Facebook posts about the Michael Brown shooting and really doing nothing else.  Most notably was Puffy pleading to Obama to come down there because those are his people.  Uhhhh excuse me Puff those are your people too.  But I’m giving props to Talib Kwali, Chuck D and J Cole (and any other Hip Hop inspired artist) that went down and actually marched with their people in these rough times with black men walking around with a target on their backs for no reason.  But still I give Puffy props because along with Rick Ross and 2 Chains raise over $300,000 for the Michael Brown fund.  Thank you for that, but I had to call you out for telling Obama to go down to Missouri and you didn’t.  Also check out this awesome video from MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry about some of the unarmed black men murdered by police in the past decade, she’s an awesome journalist!