Selectah EJah’s Soca May 2017 Mix

We’ve been gone for a while, but now is a fully fledged foundation.  So now to celebrate with a new mix, this time Soca from 2017 and a bit older.  Also check out the video of Selectah EJah spinning a soca mix live on Facebook from Brooklyn in his kitchen.  Play the mix on the control bar or download with the download button to extract the full mix to your music folder or other device.  Facebook live video below, enjoy….







Selectah EJah on Facebook live…..

From Brooklyn To Brazil – Brookzill

Hip Hop has always has always been inspired by Afro-Brazilian’s instruments and dance.  Brazil’s Hip Hop scene is deep and cultured.  The group Brookzill, put together by Prince Paul from De La Soul and Gravdiggaz with the vocalist from Digable Planets, Ladybug Mecca, Brazilian rapper Rodrigo Brandão and Don Newkirk as a producer.  The music that they make is very dope, an old school Hip Hop type of sound.  Very refreshing in the new age of mumble rappers that you hear on the radio.  They have recently performed in NYC so keep a look out for them on their website below as well as their song Saudade Songbook off of their 2016 album Throwback to the Future.  Very nice sound they have, they deserve a listen with their creativity.

Brookzill Website
Brookzill Facebook Page



Soca Fete In NYC

If you’re in the NYC area on February 25th, come over to Brooklyn and fete with the best of us at Tropical Paradise. will be in the house heavy that night.

Azealia Banks Finally Lost It For Real

I’ve always been fascinated with Azealia Banks, from her great looks, to different style of music, to Twitter battles with everyone from female rappers to Donald Trump, she has always come off as a little different for a lack of a better word.  In December of 2016, she tells the world that she’s been sacrificing chickens in closet for three years.  She has claimed to practice voodo and the black arts, but if you do that for real, you know you have to clean up the negative energies that come with it.  She hasn’t been cleaning it out and she decided to go on social media to show the world.  Well here’s the video of her cleaning out the closet of three years worth of chicken guts and feathers.

Natasha Nafrini Conscious Hip Hop Artist/Model

It’s always a pleasure to hear an artist that loves their craft.  They put in the time and effort to make their music sound great.  Here’s Natasha Nafrini, from Milwaukee, creates conscious music and sounds good while doing so.  Check out style, it’s rather dope.  You can find out more about her on the links below.  Check out her video, and see how fine she is as a model.

Model Mayhem


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Fearless 4 – Problems of the World

Growing up in the Bronx in the 80’s, Hip Hop had a huge affect on my life and the way I look at the world as a youth.  The Fearless 4 and the Cold Crush Brothers were two of my favorite rap groups back then.  I know with the new digital age and the transformation of Hip Hop since then, this video may seem a little outdated.  But what the Fearless 4 is rapping about, is still relevant today.

Ang 13 Still At It has covered Ang 13 since back from it’s inception in 1998.  She was probably one of the first artists ever presented on this site.  Here we are this many years later and she is still doing her thing.  Hails from Chicago’s south side, he style is very lyrical with an underground twist to it.  She has colaborated with probably every artist to come out of Chicago and is well known and respected in Chicago’s Hip Hop scene.  Check her songs, videos and links to hear and read more about her.

Personal Website
Reverbnation Music

NYC Subway Dancing

If you’re from NYC, you no doubt ride the trains sometimes.  You’re no doubt going to see the dance routines performed by the NYC youth in order to make a few dollars for themselves.  Most of the routines you see rate from just terrible to simply amazing.  I’d like to share an absolutely amazing video of one of the mentioned NYC subway routines.  I’m from NYC and ride the subways a lot, I’ve seen many dance routines and this is probably one of the best I’ve seen.

Music Art

We all appreciate artwork, but music art is especially enjoyable for us, whether it’s through sculpture, Photoshop, drawing, painting or whatever.  Graffiti in the 70’s and 80’s brought a special element to Hip Hop, that paved the way for art of today.  I’d like to share some music art that I’ve ran across, let me know what you think.



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Amber Rose

Amber Rose came to fame by being fine and being Kanye West’s girl.  Then she started dating Wiz Kalifa and eventually married him.  They broke up, but she continued to be famous by creating slut shaming and eventually getting her own reality show.  So now that all fame came from her keeping up her looks, but Daily Mail posted some pictures of her looking not so fine as usual.  You can see she’s not as shapely any more and is gaining weight.  She started her career as a stripper and always got over on her looks.  While in these pictures she doesn’t look horrible, but if she keeps this downfall going, she eventually will.  So let’s see what her next move is going to be.  I’m going to imagine that she will continue to hit the gym and get her awesome shape back.  Full picture below….