Is Hip Hop Too Soft

Back in the early days of Hip Hop, they wore suits and tuxedos on stage and walked around in Lee Jeans, Adidas and sheep skin coats.  Later the normal wear was baggy jeans, Timbs Wayne Gay?and a hoodie.  Now it seems like anything goes, not only as far as dressing, but also the way people act.  Seems like being gay is not only acceptable in Hip Hop it’s applauded.  Lil Wayne is the most notorious of them all being seen kissing Baby and Stevie J on camera.  Imagine in the 90’s what would happen to you if you crossed any member of the Wu Tang Clan or Tribe Called Quest.  You would get your ass beat (or worse) the same day or the next time they caught up with you.  There would be no suing, no cop calling nothing, just the headlines the next day, “Wu Tang Clan whupped the ass of some A&R who talked shit about them.”  Seems to me that the record execs were so scared from when they rip off artists they come in there mad deep with guns saying you better give me my money or you and everything you love gets shot right here.  Get these soft ass people off the mic and bring us some real artists back to Hip Hop.  A good example is back in the day someone punched Q Tip in the face in a club, Tip didn’t go call the police, he went and called the Zulu Nation to come to his aid and whupped the people right in the club who did it (can’t recall whom it was at the moment, if you remember please comment).



This Or That


Jeezy Debuts Number One

JeezyCongrats to Jeezy for his album Seen It All: The Autobiography debuting number one on the R&B/Hip Hop charts.  We gave it such high praise on this site with a 78% good album and now look, he’s number one.  Hey sold 164,000 units week ending Sept 7th, a ridiculously high number since the age of the digital download.  Go Jezzy, we got your back.  Preview the whole album Seen It All: The Autobiography on the Youtube clip below.




Jeezy – Seen It All: the Autobiography

Jeezy - Seen It All: the AutobiographyWhen Jeezy first came out in the eary 2000’s I didn’t really care for him.  Did we really need another gangsta rapper to listen too.  Here we are over 10 years later and my opinion of him has changed a little bit.  On September 2nd, 2014 he drops the album Seen It All: the Autobiography, my only complaint about this album is the beats almost sound identical, I’m barely able to distinguish between the songs.   But his lyrical content is better, he sounds more mature when he raps and he doesn’t only rap about drugs and money.  There’s some nice street anthems here that may have you nodding your head back and forth while listening too.  He went autotune on the song  4 Zones, sounds a little off, but his raspy rap voice is pretty cool on this song and throughout the whole album.  4 Zones is actually a nice song, had me waving my hands in the air.  He took it back to trying to piggy back off of his first hit Soul Survivor by using Akon on the song Been Getting Money.  Na sun, that song is wack, not gonna be big hit, if it is I’m surprised like I am with mad other songs they play on the radio.  But this album is pretty nice if you can get past all the beats sounding similar, hopefully next album, he’ll switch it up a bit.  Check the video for his first single from this album below, Me OK, pretty good video, nice song.  I give the album a cool 78% overall.

Selectah EJah’s Old Skool Hip Hop vol 1

Here’s some free music for you to download or stream, Selectah EJah’s Old Skool Hip Hop vol 1…..Selectah EJah

Selectah EJah’s Old Skool Hip Hop Vol 1

Play on your PC, iPad, Android or iPhone:

Download to play on any device or burn a CD or DVD:

Song list:

01. New York State of Mind – NaS
02. How Many MCs – Black Moon
03. Oh My God – A Tribe Called Quest
04. Public Enemy No 1 – Public Enemy
05. The Day the Niggaz Took Over – Dr Dre
06. Progress of Elimination – Boss
07. Paper Thin – MC Lyte
08. Because I Got it Like That – Jungle Brothers
09. Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin Ta Fuck Wit
10. Loves Gonna Get’cha – BDP
11. On the Run – Kool G Rap and Polo
12. Let ‘Em Know – Souls of Mischief
13. Sucker MC’s – Run DMC
14. Tonight’s Da Night – Redman
15. Criminology – Raekwon
16. What the Blood Clot – Method Man
17. Renee – Lost Boys
18. I Met a Girl – ????
19. That’s the Joint – Funky 4 Plus 1
20. Love Rap – Spoonie Gee

Larry Wright Original 5 Gallon Bucket Drummer

download (1)I’m sure most people have seen drummers using 5 gallon buckets as drums performing somewhere.  You see them in the streets, subways, concerts, dance halls and basically every where.  Has been adopted as a musical instrument through many genres of music, most notably Hip Hop.  Ever  wonder who started this world wide craze and how it became famous.  Through a young man (teenager at the time) Larry Wright, made money by playing the 5 gallon bucket (or as I like to call them chitterlings buckets) in subways and on the streets of NYC.  Made famous by a short film in 1989 by Spike Lee, accredited with turning things black into world wide phenomenons (IE Denzel Washington).  Larry can still be seen around the NYC area performing, you’ll catch him mostly at the 59th Street Columbus Circle station still murdering the drums.  Check for him if you’re around NYC, Hip Hop isn’t dead with people like Larry around.  Check the photo of Larry from back in the day and see the video of him from August 2014 on the drums, straight wrecking it!

Friday Night Cipher

Hip Hop is dead, but it’s still alive, it lives in the hearts of our street youth. The youth tired of the garbage they feed us on TV and the radio. Friday Night Cipher on Fridays in Friday Night CipherUnion Square in Manhattan, NY. A place that is known for artsy types to showcase themselves. I happen to catch the last Friday on video and this is what I saw.



Hip Hop Artists For Michael Brown

chucktalibjcoleActions speak louder than words I always say.  I know a lot of you remember back in the hey day of Hip Hop, rappers were the voice of the people,  especially black and Hispanic people!   Since Michael Brown was assassinated by police on August 9th, 2014 I’ve seen the biggest showing of black solidarity since the million man march (though marred by looting the first couple of days) in Ferguson, Missouri.  Through social media I’ve seen artists with lots of money posting twitter and Facebook posts about the Michael Brown shooting and really doing nothing else.  Most notably was Puffy pleading to Obama to come down there because those are his people.  Uhhhh excuse me Puff those are your people too.  But I’m giving props to Talib Kwali, Chuck D and J Cole (and any other Hip Hop inspired artist) that went down and actually marched with their people in these rough times with black men walking around with a target on their backs for no reason.  But still I give Puffy props because along with Rick Ross and 2 Chains raise over $300,000 for the Michael Brown fund.  Thank you for that, but I had to call you out for telling Obama to go down to Missouri and you didn’t.  Also check out this awesome video from MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry about some of the unarmed black men murdered by police in the past decade, she’s an awesome journalist!