Brooklyn Rapper Troy Ave Arrest For Murder

Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave who was set to perform at the TI concert at Irving Plaza.  Troy Ave, who’s real name is Ronald Collins, came backstage after Maino, his arch enemy performed.  Shot at him, missed and killed one of his own friends, then accidentally shot himself in the leg.  This is the biggest fool in the history of Hip Hop, because what I just described sounded exactly like something that would be in a comedy movie.  So he accomplished absolutely nothing except shooting himself in the leg and killing his friend.  Most of the incident was caught on security camera.  Here’s the report from Pix 11 in NY.


Kanye’s Realest Interview Yet

Ellen Degeneres is an icon, stand up comic from back when I was a Kanye Westkid to her daytime TV show she has now.  Kanye West has always been known as kind of an ass****, which is pretty accurate at times, but he has a side to him that is rarely seen in public,  This interview is one of those times.  The only other time I have seen Kanye West more vulnerable was his interview with Jay Leno shortly after his mother passed.  I’m also posting the Jay Leno interview because Jay was awesome and was the first person I’ve ever seen shut Kanye up.



Larry The Drummer

If you’re from a nice size city, I’m  sure somewhere you’ve seen someone playing the plastic, I call the chitterling, tubs somewhere.  This is a trend that was started in NYC in the early 90’s by a Larrydrummer named Larry.  It became such a big trend all over the world and here is Spike Lee featuring him in a Levis 501 commercial.  I’m showing a video of the original Spike Lee commercial and him in the last few years playing at the subway station in NYC.  If you’re here you can usually hear him playing at Columbus Circle 59th Street station.  Check the advancement of his drumming from a young man to a grown up, so awesome!


Greatest Of All Time Billboard Albums

Reporting on the music industry,  obviously we’re over here checkingthe Billboard charts to check what people are listening to.  Now most charts are just what you the listeners are checking for and what the radio and clubs are playing.  There’s these new charts,  Greatest albums of all times.  Now most of the albums on here are Billboard Top 200 Greatest Albumsgreat choices, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd,  Whitney Houston, Feetwood Mac, Garth Brooks, Metallica and more.  All great choices, but I’m also seeing a bunch of horrible choices and order of albums, Spice Girls, Eminem,  the Blackeye Peas and Nelly.  No way any of those artists should be on the 200 greatest albums of all time.  Not that they’re horrible artists, but top 200 greatest, I don’t think so.  Also I don’t know about you, but Michael Jackson’s Thriller should be number 1 and not number 3 under Adele’s 21 and the Sound of Music soundtrack.  Sorry Billboard, where did you get these picks from, must be payola because Nelly top 200 albums of all time, na sun!



True Life Music TV

True LifeHip Hop is not dead as people claim, it just isn’t on mainstream radio.  With the invention of internet in the mid 90’s and the full growth to of access for the world to put music, art, journalism, sales etc for very little money we don’t care.  I’ve been affiliated with True Life Music TV for a while now.  They bring real music to the masses in the form of videos via Youtube.  There’s concert footage, music videos,  movie trailers and many other entertaining videos for you to choose from.  What I personally like the most is real Hip Hop that they feature, from real artists with a passion for music.  Below is a sample of one of the featured artists Shareef Keyes, check it and go to their page to find more content for your enjoyment.

Ranaldo Johns / Founder of
TRUELIFEMUSIC TV The New Cutting Edge in Music Marketing.
(718) 285 – 2759 — at New York City.

Their Band Music Press Kit…..


Jay-Z Paternity Case

Jay-Z’s alleged baby moms Wanda Satterthwaite, motherof Rymir Satterthwaite (what’s up with these names) sends a message regarding a paternity case for 22 year old son.  She’s claiming Jay-Z is the father, but has been having a hard timeJay-Z and Rymir Satterthwaitegetting Jay-Z to have a paternity test through the court system.  Rymir is scheduled to speak in front of congress this month since the courts haven’t been doing him justice.  Here’s Wanda’s statement.