From Brooklyn To Brazil – Brookzill

Hip Hop has always has always been inspired by Afro-Brazilian’s instruments and dance.  Brazil’s Hip Hop scene is deep and cultured.  The group Brookzill, put together by Prince Paul from De La Soul and Gravdiggaz with the vocalist from Digable Planets, Ladybug Mecca, Brazilian rapper Rodrigo Brandão and Don Newkirk as a producer.  The music that they make is very dope, an old school Hip Hop type of sound.  Very refreshing in the new age of mumble rappers that you hear on the radio.  They have recently performed in NYC so keep a look out for them on their website below as well as their song Saudade Songbook off of their 2016 album Throwback to the Future.  Very nice sound they have, they deserve a listen with their creativity.

Brookzill Website
Brookzill Facebook Page



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